Day 5

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A letter to the one who hurt me the most in 2010.

Dear Ellie,

You need to stop. Just stop. I am 17 years old. You are more then twice that. So why do I always end having to be the adult? Why am I not allowed to go out with my friends, but you’re allowed to come home two hours late, and it’s no big deal? I am sick of raising my sisters. Instead of yelling at me when they don’t get places on time, why don’t you try being a parent for once, and drive them? Instead of going and having a day of goofing off by yourself, why don’t you just stay home, and watch a movie with us? I’m tired of being the one everyone relies on! Everyone else slacks off, and I’m left being the support. Well, maybe once, just once, I want to go and do something normal, like sleep over at a friend’s house, or go to the movies with a friend. But no. It’s considered a crime for me to be the one slacking off. Why don’t I get to do any of the things I should? I’m a perfectly nice kid, i think. I don’t smoke, drink, or have sex. The worst thing i’ve ever done is come home a little later then planned from prom. But while I am forced to stay home, and babysit a kid who’d rather be left alone, you let my sister, who always was the worst one of us, by the way, roam around, hanging out at the park with one other girl, and three boys. Her, who wants those grossly huge ear holes, and purple hair!!!

So, if you’re wondering why after 9 years, I don’t call you ‘mom’, or anything, this is why. You can’t be considered a mom if you do nothing to earn the fact. You didn’t give birth to me, you didn’t raise me, and you don’t love me unconditionally. In return, I withhold that title that my sisters gave to you freely. I know better. You will never, ever be my mother.

Amber McLain



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4 responses to “Day 5

  1. theatergirl

    You go girl! I am proud that you are able to say all that. You know when you are going to move out you should tell her all that. Then just leave.

  2. Erica

    You are so strong Amber, I had no idea. You are so much braver than anyone I know to post this.

  3. I love you darling. I’m giving you an extra squeeze when we see each other!

  4. Oh, and I might tell off dear old Ellie. We’ll see how it goes though.

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