Holy F-ing Jesus!!!!

I just watched Remember Me, with Robert Pattinson? Yeah… I swear, I was sobbing like a freaking baby during the whole thing!!!! I thought it was weird that a movie made in 2010 would be set in 2001, but I didn’t get it at all until they told us!!! And we never see a far off shot of the building his dad works in, so I never caught it! Jeez!!! Well, I don’t want to give anything away if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, but let me just say this. Robert Pattinson? You are redeemed. Twilight, and all related movies have no effect on my newfound love for you! The boy I crushed on in the 4th Harry Potter movie is back!!!


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9 responses to “Holy F-ing Jesus!!!!

  1. Erica

    My thoughts exactly!
    I love him when he isn’t a moody vampire or a cocky actor.
    What a ctuie 😉
    And the plot lie BLEW MY MIIIND!

  2. Lily

    I know! I cried when I saw it

  3. I have a strange obsession with his jawline.
    It’s perfect.
    Just sayin’

  4. It was SO good! I loved it, and I find I love him a whole heck of a lot more then I did before he had a lapse in judgement, and did Twilight! Luckily, it’s only the one more movie, then he can put that whole brain fart behind him! He’s so cute, too… Except in pictures. he always appears slightly mentally ill in pictures, but that’s okay. I always look drunk in pictures, so… Lol!

  5. Jounouchi Katsuya

    Hypocrite. Lol. See? He’s not so bad when he’s not acting like a creeper. *Saucy wink.*

    • Jounouchi Katsuya

      And I have seen that movie. I watch that movie and Dear John back to back. Not one tear shed, sorry.

      • Do you have no tear ducts?????? How can you watch either of those movies and not shed even one little tear? Compared to you I’m a freaking emotional wreck!!! And this is coming from the girl who doesn’t cry at Phantom of the Opera, or My Sister’s Keeper (Cuz that freaking asshole screwed it up, of course!)! Just know that I think you are insane, and this, paired with your annoying habit of reading the last page first, makes me want to cut out your eyeballs and feed them to you.

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