What Happened…

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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… Was I was just in so much shock after seeing two freaking amazing movies, that I couldn’t handle the pressure of properly describing them, hence my lack of posting for the past few days.


So, Harry Potter. I have never been more proud with a book-turned-movie then I am with this one. It stayed so true to the books, which, let’s face it, is new for them. The last accurate movie was the 4th one, to give you an idea. But this one is more accurate then even the first few!! And the scenes that were added, like the one where Harry dances with Hermione didn’t take away from the story at all, and in fact, enhanced it. And scenes they cut weren’t super important, so they could focus more on the details. I cried a lot during it. Like, when Hermione Obliviates her parents, and when Hedwig dies… And, of course, when Dobby died. Sobbed like a dying baby, in fact. The only thing I found i could complain about was when Harry is trying to get the sword, and gets all nekked. It’s like, yeah, we get it. You were naked for a play, you found you liked it. But Harry doesn’t get nekked. I know because when he and Ron hug, I grin like a fool, so i have that whole part of the book memorised. Never does it say “And then Harry stripped down to his boxer-briefs and eased his way into the freezing cold water.” No. Just No.


And Chronicles of Narnia– the best movie I’ve seen in a long while. I loved it. They followed the book practically word for word, and then some! They’re all so grown up now! Like, when we came home from the movies, the first Narnia movie was on tv, and they were all so little!!! And may I just say, I don’t care if he was s’posed to be blonde in the books, Caspian is a hot, hot hottie!

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