Another One.

A website you can’t live without- Duh! WordPress! How else would I have gotten all the amazing friends I have? Love Y’all!

Your favorite quote- Fall in love, fall in hate. Get inspired or be depressed. Ace a test or flunk a class. Make babies or make art. Speak the truth or lie and cheat. Dance on tables or sit in corners. Life is divine chaos. Embrace it. Breathe. And enjoy the ride.

Your first love- Anthony Something-with-a-B. Third grade, first kiss.

Your parents- Aren’t in the picture anymore.

A song to match your mood- My Only Wish (This year)- Britney Spears. Who is awesome, even if she is insane.

A hobby of yours- Um… all of my hobbies you all already know, so…

A place you’ve traveled to- D.C. I lived there for about a year and a half.

A favorite picture of your best friend- I don’t have any pictures of my friends uploaded onto my computer, but it’s probably the one I have of Trici doing her fish face!

Something you’re afraid of- Spiders. It is a perfectly logical fear, too.

Favorite tv shows- Friends, Scrubs, Ally McBeal, Glee, law and Order- SVU, and a bunch of others my mind has forgotten.

Something you don’t leave the house without- My ChapStik. I can’t handle being without it.

Goals- Keep my grades up, finish the year without killing my sister, get my license.

An older picture of you – how have you changed?- No older pictures on my computer, but I have an ornament I made in 1st grade, and my hair’s straight, and my face is really round. Like, insanely!

Turn offs- Meanness. i don’t care if you’re the biggest idiot in the world, with bad skin and fat flaps that could warm a whole third world country, I’d still choose you over the asshole who’s mean to people.

Dream house- Two story, red wooden front door, yellow shutters, white wrap-around porch. Big ass fireplace.

Something you’re looking forward to- Hmm… What’s coming up in a week, and involves good food, music, and an ass load of gifts?

Favorite place to eat- Home. I like to cook, and it’s not anywhere near as expensive as eating out.

Something you miss- Sleepovers. I’ve only ever gone to a few of them in my whole life, but I always have a good time. The last one I went to was in eighth grade.

Turn ons- Tall, nice eyes, good hair. Curly, not straight. Not uptight, or anything.

What’s in your purse?- Wallet, phone, headphones, phone charger, candy, ChapStik.

Favorite movie- Um… Gun to my head, I’d have to say Beauty and the Beast.

Something you’ve learned- My aunt’s a bigot.

Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs-

Get Out of This Town- Carrie Underwood

(You’re) having My Baby- Glee version

Alone- Kristin Chenoweth

Jainy- Five for Fighting

Statues- Foo Fighters

Burn it to the Ground- Nickleback

What it Feels Like for a Girl- Glee version

We Need a Little Christmas- Glee version

True Colors- Glee version

My Immortal- Evanessence

Hopes and plans for the next 365 days- HOPES- I hope to move out. I hope to get a job. I hope to never have to come back here again, unless I want to. PLANS- I plan on getting my license, getting 20,000 views on my blog, and punching my sister in the face.

Something that stresses you out- Talking to my aunt, being with my family, wearing new clothes.

3 Wishes- 1. To find out that the people I live with aren’t really my real family, and that by some crazy coincidence, Oprah is my mother. 2. To meet Willow, and travel together. 3. To be an actress. 3.5. To be good at acting, so that the ‘be an actor’ wish isn’t so farfetched.

Your favorite book- Tuck Everlasting


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4 responses to “Another One.

  1. Jounouchi Katsuya

    OMB I’ve read that book! It was strange.

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