New Blog Theme, Favorite Cousin, Alkie Sister

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Do you like it? I contemplated just leaving it the Christmas one, but that didn’t seem like much fun. I love changing the theme of my blog. Most people just keep it the same, all year round, for years on end, but I like change. i embrace it. Also, I just recently figured out how to change the stupid custom header thing. Apparently you have to make it fit the parameters somewhere else, instead of trying to crop it on wordpress. Which is cool, now that i’ve figured that out. But it took me hours to do that! I might change it though, to something a little less emo-y. Because while I may have the occasional emo post (Who doesn’t?), my blog doesn’t really give off an emo vibe. At least, I hope it doesn’t. Nah, too many nekked men to be emo. Lol… So. I’m at school, again. My sisters starts today, but I haven’t seen her yet. i think they’re still figuring out her schedule, or something. I can’t remeber what she was wearing this morning, but i hope it’s whorish, for Trici and Lily’s sake. I want them to really get a feel for what i have to live with, 24/7, 341. Yes, 341. Two days out of every month her a my sister are with my ex-step-dad-thing. Officially, anyways. Unofficially, every weekend.

So, on Saturday, after dropping the insane aunt who I’ve never met before (Came to visit us for a few days. I’ve never seen her before in my life, and she’s about 80. Yet, she’s somehow my aunt. *shrug*) at the airport, me, my aunt, my sisters, and my cousin went to the movies. I love my cousin to pieces. She’s probably the most mature person in my family, after me. She’s the one who told me being gay would be illegal in the future. She’s smart, and she loves Johnny Depp. Like, to death. We watched Edward Scissorhands together, and she brought out the full size store display of him i stole from Fry‘s, and all three of us had a grand ol’ time. But back to the actual story. She’s pretty much perfect. My sister, the whore one, however, hates her. Everytime my cousin comes over, my whore-sister calls her a bitch, at least once, hits her, and makes her cry. This is why when we found to two empty wine coolers hidden behind the toilet (Yes, toilet. God.), my sister seemed doubly ashamed. because no matter what you tell her, she will end up letting your secret slip to Nonna, who is a huge gossip, for an old lady who hates people with a passion I’ve not seen before. And I can only imagine how long a loose lipped 9 year old can keep a secret about a cousin, who clearly hates her, doing something legitimately bad. And my sister got in huge trouble for it. Like, my aunt is enforcing punishment! Yes, the same aunt who took away all my Christmas gifts last year for having a bad report card, but gave them all back the next day, and took me to get a new cat! I’ve never seen it happen before, ever. But really, who the hell hides empty wine coolers behind the damn toilet? We have a big black dumpster in the garage, that gets picked up every Wednesday, and no one ever goes out there, except to toss bags in! Why wouldn’t you throw them in there? I’m sorry, but if you’re that freaking dumb, you deserve to get caught.

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  1. lilyloveslife

    Trici and Lily’s sake.

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