30 Day Challenge- Day 1: Something I’m Looking Forward to This Year

The Music Man

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I’m looking forward to a few things, actually. Preperations for the musical start this month, for starters! I emptied my phone battery by watching a bunch of videos of songs i want to do for auditions. I’ve narrowed it down to five songs:

  1. What You Own- Rent
  2. Tomorrow- Annie
  3. I Could Have Danced All NightMy Fair Lady
  4. I Feel Pretty- West Side Story
  5. To Sir, With Love– To Sir, With love

I have found karaoke versions of the first two songs, so those are more likely to get chosen right now, but I’ve only been looking for a day or so. I filled up my calender yesterday with my friends’ birthdays, sleepovers, and Musical preparations. Once the schedule for our class’s second show, it’s going to be even more full, the poor thing! But it’s worth it, because I love acting, I love my friends, and I love the Music man, which is this year’s musical, in case I forgot to mention that earlier.

I am also looking forward to turning 18, which is 4 months from today. I’ll be a grown up, finally! And a couple months after that I’ll have my license, and I’ll be two huge steps closer to freedom!


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