Where’s My Seatbelt???

TIGER 1: Oh, oh no! We’re moving! Whoa… I don’t like this…

TIGER 2: Why don’t you try sitting down, then? (Under breath) Dumbass…

TIGER 1: How?????????

TIGER 2: … Seriously?

TIGER 1: Yes, seriously!

TIGER 2: You seriously need me to tell you how to sit down?

TIGER 1: My legs aren’t working! They don’t bend!

TIGER 2: Well, I guess someone’s going to be standing up for the whole six hour drive to California. *chuckle*

TIGER 1: What’s California?

TIGER 2: How in the hell are you so dumb??? I swear, you’re the only tiger who has the ability to speak, and yet still refuses to learn anything about where we go, why we go, and how long it takes to get there!

TIGER 1: I like the picture stories…

TIGER 2: Then pick up a freakin’ map…


TIGER 1: Ow.

TIGER 2: Hey, look! You did it.

TIGER 1: Did what?

TIGER 2: … Sat down.

TIGER 1: Oh. Yeah. Cool, I guess.

TIGER 2: I hate you. You know that, right?

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