Things on My Mind

Things I have on my mind today:

  1. Musical meeting tonight, and I am so excited! I’ve been waiting for this since September, probably earlier. I know my audition song by heart already, so as of right now, I’m more prepared then I was last year, which is a huge plus. And i’ve already found the right version I need, which is more important then you’d think. This year’s audition is going to be kind of harder then last year, though, because we’re learning a dance, AND a song that we have to do for the dance portion of the auditions.
  2. Why do people make their blogs private, the second they get a negative comment? It’s just childish. It’s one thing if you start out with a private blog, but a whole nothing thing to make it private because someone dared to not like what you wrote, and said something about it. And plus, you already deleted the post, what good does making your blog private do?
  3. Where did Lena’s blog go??? It’s gone!
  4. My peppermint lollipop tastes kind of like soap now.
  5. I am SO hungry! And I have no snackies, and still a whole ‘nother period to go before lunch, damnit.

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One response to “Things on My Mind

  1. BTdub, just ask me why my blog is gone, friend. 😉

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