Me and My Friends in the Future


  1. Married.
  2. 2 adopted kids, 1 boy, 1 girl, named Adam and Carrie.
  3. Insanely successful author.
  4. Living in a two story house, with a red front door, and blue shutters.
  5. Still blogging.


  1. Married.
  2. 1 girl, named Callie.
  3. Still goes by Trici.
  4. Uber famous Broadway actress.
  5. Living in that damn pink house.
  6. Too busy to blog.


  1. Married.
  2. 2 girls, named Lily and Nicki.
  3. Plans weddings for famous people.
  4. Lives in a house the shape of Nick Jonas’s abs.
  5. Mom won’t allow her to blog.


  1. Married to super cute boy.
  2. No kids, just a zillion dogs.
  3. Does landscaping.
  4. Lives in a cute little house, with lots of space for his bees, and dogs, and plants.
  5. Still blogs.


  1. Married.
  2. 1 girl, not named Andrea.
  3. Independently wealthy.
  4. Lives in a ginormous flat in New York.
  5. Blogs occasionally, but spends most of her free time designing clothes.


  1. Not married, but not single, either.
  2. Coaches all girl football team. But not the icky naked ones.
  3. Lives in a beach house in Cali.
  4. Would like to blog, but forgot what her blog was called.


  1. Dating big black man.
  2. Big shot actress.
  3. Owns 4 houses.
  4. Too busy to blog.

Yup… Our lives in… let’s say 15 years. And of course we all keep in touch, and still have monthly sleepovers at Trici’s house.



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4 responses to “Me and My Friends in the Future

  1. littlemissnewyork

    You should write out a story of like my whole life and how it will all happen! I need it by monday! haha do it!

  2. Jounouchi Katsuya

    Haha u didn’t put me which means I’ll make up my own.


    1. Married

    2. 3 kids, one girl of my own (name unknown) and two adopted Asians, one boy one girl

    3. Psychologist/part time recording artist.

    4. Owns a house in California, Minnesota, and Arizona.

    5. Is in charge of making the brownies for your guys’s sleepovers at Trici’s. 😀

  3. ummm…. I’m living at your house so idk what you’re talking about.
    Also, my mom really wants a red door. What is up with the weird-colored-door loving people in my life?!
    And I hate to break it to you, but if you get married you’re probably gonna end up having sex. Just how that works.

  4. Erica

    How did I never see this?!
    I LOVE mine, I could totally picture that!
    I could picture them all!

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