My Life in (Unrhyming) Rhyme

A poem, because it has yet to click in my mind that i am bad at writing them! Lol…

Born on the first Sunday, of the fourth month,

Bonny and blithe, good and gay.

Father lacking in warmth,

Gone after a day.


Mother not right,

Caring but careless.

Eight years later, days lacking in light,

Mother is gone, life is a mess.


And another four years,

Antisocial, and buried in books.

No time for tears,

Or sympathetic looks.


Seven years have now passed,

And middle school is over.

In a new cafeteria we amassed,

After only two months to recover.


Freshman year, new and frightening.

Only one friend, for almost half of the year.

Sophomore year, stress is lightening,

Caught my sister, chugging a beer.


Gave up cheerleading,

Not the best decision I’ve made.

Made a bunch of new friends while acting,

Swore never to get laid.


Last year now,

And then everything ends.

Without you guys, I don’t know how,

I couldn’t have survived without you guys as friends!


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One response to “My Life in (Unrhyming) Rhyme

  1. I was laughing, but then the last bit almost made me cry! And also, I’m serious about the road trip thing. We should both drive towards each other and meet randomly somewhere in the middle. That way when we get out of our cars and run in slow motion towards each other, it will actually be a middle ground thing. *sigh* I need to hug you right now. But I can’t. So I will hug myself instead like on Pushing Daisies and you will just have to know that I’m really hugging you right now. Even though you’re probably asleep with a cat on your head. Tee hee!

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