Eye Candy Day 2

Jim Sturgess- So cute, and when he sings, he still has his accent, which is adorable!!! Thank you, Across the Universe, for giving us this cutie pie!

David Krumholtz- Such a cute lil’ jew… Math has never been so fun… I was so sad when the cancelled Numb3rs.

Michael Buble- Someone said he was fat… Really???  Suck on that, folks…

Mark from Rent- He doesn’t get a name, just know that he’s cute.



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3 responses to “Eye Candy Day 2

  1. I love Michael Buble! I really want some of his CD’s.
    The rest: No. Just no. The red head… maybe… I’m still on the fence about him.
    You know, I’ve always really wanted a cute neighbor boy. Someone who could always be admired from over the fence. *sigh*, instead I have a 40 year old woman on my left, a chattering drug dealer behind me, and an older married couple with their 30+ year old son on my right. Life is so unfair. And my previous neighbors were my cousins. I did like their fence though. It was old and mossy. I guess my dads neighbors count, except that the youngest boy is at least 7 years older than me and lives in a different state. *sigh* I couldn’t even have a summer fling if I wanted to! Life is REALLY not fair.

  2. Lily

    Michael Buble’s the only mildly attractive one

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