What Else I Hate

Is when people make you feel guilty for speaking your mind. Remember way back when, when it was a good thing? Remember that? I liked that time. But this society both condemns and encourages brashness. You read old romance novels, and the word ‘brash’ is used as a complimentary describing word. Now it’s like the worst thing to be. What, am i supposed to be fake, and pretend that i like Beth unless I’m around people who feel the same way about her as I do? We praise Erica for the things she writes about Andrea, so why are my things so much worse? Is it because it was on Trici’s blog? because if that’s true, she’s the only one who should have been upset. Is it because I said it over the internet? Or behind her back? because it’s not like I’m the first, or last, to do that. And talking about someone in real life is just as bad as doing it over the web, so… What I’m saying about beth isn’t much worse then what you guys said about chelsea all last year, calling her a cradle robber, and being angry because she has PDAs with oktober in the hall. So stop acting so high and mighty. If I don’t like someone, I’m not gonna hide it, I’m sorry.

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  1. Erica

    So true. Good for you Amber (:

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