Personal Posts…

personal posts are now going to be password protected. Someone always ends up insulted, and i refuse to not write what i’m thinking and feeling, so there. If you’re not a weenie, and want to brave my evil posts, the password is ‘weenies’. For all of them, because every time i post something, i don’t want it to be a big to do.



by | January 25, 2011 · 11:23 AM

5 responses to “Personal Posts…

  1. sociallyawkwardmess

    lol 🙂 you make me smile! exercise that freedom of speech!

  2. navysteel

    Well amber, it is your choice what you put on this blog, and I am not upset about that. I am a little upset that you feel the way you do in the first place, however, life moves on, and so do I. Please tell your friend Willow if he or she has anything else to say to me he or she can reach me at, because I do not want him or her and I to make a big deal about petty things over a blog.

  3. Erica

    This made me laugh, and you are so right. Blogging is when you’re allowed to say what you want. People always tend to jump to conclusions, or comment when they get the slightest bit offended. I will personally always be reading these posts; I’m no weenie 😉

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