… All day yesterday I was chanting to myself that I was happy. I hasn’t worked. The only thing I can think of that’s worse then being put in the chorus again is the fact that no one in my family even cares that the musical is going on. My aunt still hasn’t said a word, and it’s been days now since we learned what parts we got (or didn’t). I’m really tired of living with people who just don’t care, about anything. My aunt is just so careless! The heat in our house has been off for two weeks now, and instead of fixing that, she goes and buys herself a t.v. She wakes up late for work after i’ve been trying to get her up for an hour, it’s my fault. I hate being the adult. because I’m not an adult. I’m a kid. Am I supposed to be making sure everyone is awake and getting ready every morning? No. Am I supposed to be laying out my aunt’s clothes and making her lunches like she’s 4? no! Am i supposed to be making dinner for everyone every night? No. And if i do do (teehee) all of that, shouldn’t i at least get a little thanks? Apparently not. That’s why my aunt isn’t pushing me to get better grades, you know. She wants me to have to live with her forever, and take care of her. Ha! Like I’m gonna let that happen. Nope.

You all know how immature I am. Would you put me in charge of a house full of people, knowing that? No, I don’t think so. But there it is.



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5 responses to “So…

  1. Lily

    Solution: I am adopting you!


  2. You’re moving in with me. I don’t even care. You’re moving in. And even if you think you aren’t, you are. You will be kidnapped and brought up here. And you can work at the safeway down the street while I’m in class and then I can come and bother you after! But you’re not allowed to have any friends, tee hee. Because then you’ll leave me and I’ll be sad. The End.

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