Screw It.

You know what? I can’t. I can’t care anymore. I can’t care when people hate me, I can’t care when my friends repeatedly shoot down any attempts I make at making them feel better. I thought I was a good friend, you know. I’m loyal, even if i really don’t think it’s right. I would die for any of my friends. I listen when people talk to me. I rarely interrupt people with my own story, in fact, i let people interrupt me when I’m talking. I’m a pushover, yes, but one who’ll defend you no matter what, no matter how many babies you’ve eaten, or stores you’ve peed behind. I don’t say a word when you rub in the fact that you have a part, or mention how believe it or not, i don’t actually like being called black. You laugh at me, and mock me at every possible moment, and i just take it. Why? because that’s what friends do. But it’s not fair that I go through everything I do to be your friend, and don’t get even a quarter of what I give you.



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7 responses to “Screw It.

  1. Only Me

    I think you have a very strange sense of what a friend is, no offense. In my opinion, a friend is the exact opposite of what you said. You shouldn’t be loyal if you don’t think it’s right. If your friend is robbing a bank you don’t support that, you try and stop them and make them see that it’s wrong, and they’re heading for a pit fall. Real friends wouldn’t interrupt you, so why are you letting them? Why don’t *you* get a chance to be listened to? Why on Earth would you want a friend who mocks or laughs at you? “i just take it” you say, but that’s NOT what friends do. Maybe you should think about who you hang out with.

  2. Lily

    I”m really sorry. I take advantage of you sometimes and I do interrupt you but I want to change. Please forgive me. I love you! 🙂

  3. I would LOVE it if you talked more about yourself in conversations! Tell me random stories about yourself! Interrupt me, I don’t care! I’m too self centered to stop my random thoughts about my life, so please, PLEASE, interrupt them for me. I do actually want to hear about you, I just have a hard time not making everything about me…
    Also, I’m sad that one of my very few “black” friends is no longer a black friend. Sad day. Now how are we supposed to make stereotypical jokes about each other? Please tell me you’re Jewish or something. I want a will and grace moment lol. Either you’re Jewish, or you’re black (so we can have a Kurt and Mercedes moment), take your pick. Or pick something random that is still applicable.

    • Lily

      EEEP! I understood BOTH of those TV moments! Aren’t I a smart cookie? Love you, Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Um… I’ve got some Italian, that’s about it. I wish i was jewish, though! They’re just such a fun people… Lol…

      • I’ve decided that you’re a southern gal who likes monster truck drivin’ and cow tippin’! They do have cows in Arizona right?
        Oh wait, I remember you saying you saw a dead cow on the way to school once. And didn’t you see a cow get shot? No, that was Napoleon Dynamite…

        I don’t actually know anything stereotypical about Jews. Except that they’re good accountants… right? Maybe it was dentists… I can’t remember. People is people. Ain’t no difference between ’em. ‘Cept asians. They’re all smart. China has more honor students than we have students.

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