What I Hate

Is having my period. Because even though I’ve had it for like, five years, it has yet to become reliable. it comes whenever the hell it pleases. Which sucks, because sometimes, it’ll skip a day, and so I’ll be thinking I’m done, and the next day at school, I don’t have any lady items, and it starts up again during 4th period. So on top of all the happiness that’s been going on today, I gotta find someone who doesn’t hate me so much to ask them for a pad. Yay…. Go awkwardness.



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2 responses to “What I Hate

  1. Ashley Summerset

    story of my life today…the exact thing happen to me today like word for word.

  2. I feel like girls should just expect the unnexpected at all times and always have a few extra items on hand. My sister has come home numerous times this year because she’s not prepared. Just always have a few extra in your backpack or something. Or in your locker. That’s what I’d do anyway.

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