It’s All Good Again!

My Lord… Being friends with girls is so exhausting… And I don’t even have the excuse that I’m a dude, and don’t understand them, either! My and Trici are friends again. Again.


My toe freakin’ hurts! Grr… Stupid doorjambs. I think I broke it. It’s this really grody color, hence all the toe covering socks.


Rawr… I is keeping my blog private, though. At least until after I graduate. It may be hypocritical, and whatnot, but I’d feel better about saying how I really feel about people if i didn’t have to see them every day. So sue me.


Um… I’m really excited for Page to Stage! It’s finally coming together, now that it’s so close. I have all my lines memorised (Mostly), and I have tea for tomorrow, and Wednesday.


Why doesn’t spellcheck recognise words spelt the british way? ‘S’ is much more practical then ‘Z’. What if I was a British person using an American laptop?


I hurt my finger throwing a table away at the dump. It’s the kind that doesn’t bleed, but hurts like a whore in hell.


Now i’ve gotta go. Rehearsal isn’t the best place to blog.

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One response to “It’s All Good Again!

  1. Tee hee. Your randomness makes me laugh.
    Wait, you’re not supposed to talk about people behind their back…? You southerners are weird. I was raised to be a polite nice person to everyone. And then as soon as they walk away say every mean thing I thought about while they were talking. I’ve strayed away from this practice more and more lately though. It gets tiring talk bad about people.

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