After page to Stage I just went home and cried. Well, after seeing Gremel at McDonald’s, but mostly i just cried. I can’t believe this is the last show we’ll do together! I love you all so much, and I dread going off to college, and having to start over without any of you there with me. What am I going to do without starting my day off discussing Trici’s boy-posse, or being called ‘Gerald’ by Polly? What am I going to do without Elena’s impossible craziness, or Kaylee’s obsession with pickles? So, to honor my very best friends, here’s a list of all the things I’ll miss about you guys.

  • Trici- Your crazy assed sound effects
  • Elena-Your paranoia
  • Erica- Your love of Justin Beiber (Bieber?)
  • Ashley- Your pride
  • Kaylee- Your laid-backness
  • Jamie H- Your blatant disrespect of proper book etiquette
  • Ashlei- Your whitenesss
  • Danny- Your inability to not get hurt when we do a show
  • Jake- Your few random moments of pleasantness
  • Christin- Your love of Bob

If there’s anyone I forgot, I probably didn’t have anything good to remember you by.


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2 responses to “So…

  1. Lily

    Kaylee: Your hilarious sense of humor and football knowledge.



  2. sociallyawkwardmess

    Im so glad that my whiteness……… is the only thing you will remember me by. 🙂 😛 oh amber!

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