For Willow

There’s another one like the first one, but it gets a lot closer to his manly junk, and I’m not 100% comfortable posting that on a school computer, during school. Still, it’s quite nice. Because really, what more do you need in life then a wet, partially shirtless Darren Criss? A wet, fully shirtless Darren Criss. I can’t wait ’til we get to see that!

Look how cute he was when he was in high school!

I just love him! I think he’s the bee’s knees, shins, thighs, and belly buttons!


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7 responses to “For Willow

  1. Lily


    But this one…


  2. I think the second one is better. The blue in the first one is not his color. He is adorable in high school! Ugh. Why are all the cute people else where in the world? and not in love with us? Hmm?
    Thank you for this though deary lol. They need to have a shirtless episode of him on glee. Of course, they’d need Kurt shirtless too… hmm… unless they had him with some other fabulous bit of loveliness. Except I would have to hate him forever for doing that to Kurt. Oh what a dilemma!

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