There’s a Stranger in my Bed

So last night was a CRAZY night. I ran away from home and took a train to Washregon. Then I asked a few homeless people where Willow Batel lived, and most of them just offered me some free candy. It didn’t taste very good, but I figured, why not, right? So after I snuck into the zoo and talked to some of the penguins (You should try it sometimes, it’s very amoosing) I decided to buckle down and find Willow. By that time it was only about 5:30 PM because of my superspeed power. So since I was in supermode I snuck into a costume store and stole a batman costume. So I showed up to Willow’s house in my batman costume (size 2t since I’m a bloompa). The end.




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4 responses to “There’s a Stranger in my Bed

  1. sociallyawkwardmess

    this is why we don’t do drugs

  2. You were in the penguin exhibit?! I was on the other side of the zoo with the peacocks and the Zebras!

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