Close and Clothes

Why does fate hate me? Why am i getting so very close to graduating, just when I’m perfectly happy, both at home and school? In eight weeks, I will never set foot in another classroom in Vail. In eight weeks, I will never spend fifteen minutes in line for crappy school food. In eight weeks, my whole life is changing. And a year after, I’ll be in college, in a whole other city, barely even in Arizona anymore! I wish I had more time. I’ve been ready for this since I was in third grade, and all the sudden I’m five, and it’s the first day of school again. Only, without the lisa frank backpack and lunchbox set. It is nowhere near as happy as everyone makes it out to be. This is why I’ve been trying to avoid disagreements with people right now. Like, what if the last thing I say to someone before graduating is something awful? I couldn’t stand that.

I love clothes. People probably think I’m weird, because what i wear hardly ever matches, but i don’t care. This is a typical outfit for me:

I’m actually wearing this shirt today!

I don’t have this skirt, but it’s cute!

Yay!!! Dots and stripes!

Bracelets. Not exactly odd, but still…

A piggy necklace, but mine’s colored, and wearing a purple skirt.

And some flats. Cute and simple.


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  1. So I think Willow and I are going to take you away to our secret house.

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