Things People Should Know About Me

  1. My favorite color is yellow.
  2. My favorite animal is the noble pig.
  3. I have two sisters (Mercedes and Genevieve), two cousins (Chloe and Regan), two aunts (Ellie and Linda), an uncle (Cory), and a grandma (Carol).
  4. I love Glee.
  5. I love Harry Potter.
  6. I love reading.
  7. I love music.
  8. I love kids.
  9. I hate posers.
  10. I hate bigots.
  11. I hate all people based phobes.
  12. My favorite number is 13.
  13. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp.
  14. My favorite actress is Anne Hathaway.
  15. When I was little, my favorite band was Savage Garden.
  16. It still is.
  17. I’m terrible at meeting new people.
  18. I secretly enjoy Taylor Swift.
  19. I obviously hate Twilight.
  20. I can’t talk on the phone. So if you are thinking of calling me, if you want me to take part in the conversation, just save yourself the hassle and text me.
  21. I associate almost everything in my life to a song. And if the song doesn’t relate to me personally, I make it relate to a friend.
  22. I love making lists. I adore them.
  23. I will be a fully blown adult in less then a week.
  24. I hate asking people for things.
  25. I love socks. Garishly colored, mix-matched socks are my cocaine.
  26. What I want for my birthday : socks, ribbons, books. That’s all I really need in life, after all.
  27. I hate plain balloons. They should be as big as possible, and corny as hell, to properly embarrass the receiver.
  28. I like room temperature chicken salad.
  29. I hate mushrooms.
  30. I am allergic to pears.
  31. I have a puppy named Charlie, but I call him Philip.
  32. My cat jack is worrying me because lately all he does is sleep.
  33. My sister gets more whorish every day.
  34. I don’t have a religion.
  35. I hate grammatical errors. I make them, don’t get me wrong, but when people in positions of authority, like teachers *cough*Giroux*cough*, can’t spell for shit, it annoys me to no end.
  36. I’m really enjoying this year’s musical throwback. Like, music has an early 90’s vibe to it, which I love.
  37. I confuse people. I wear such bright clothing, I should be insanely happy, and talk to everyone all the time, not sit in the corner reading.
  38. That’s all I can think of, but I don’t want to stop.


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2 responses to “Things People Should Know About Me

  1. when you say you can’t talk on the phone do you mean you can’t talk on the phone because it’s not on your phone plan or you can’t talk on the phone becase your an akward person? because i hate talking on the phone. i will put off calling someone for days just because i hate the akwardness of it.
    I have taylor swifts white horse album.
    you need to post pictures of your puppy!!
    you will be required to talk to me and not sit in a corner reading if i come down this summer. Just sayin.

  2. Lily

    5, 11, 25 I HEAR YOU!!!

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