I’m so proud of myself! It’s been forever since I last got caught up in any drama, blog-based or otherwise! I’ve been civil to the people I just can’t stand, and I even lasted a whole thirty seconds before laughing at my sister when she got in trouble last night! it appears i can, actually, behave. It’s just a matter of wanting to.


Oh my god. Bye is far too annoying to be real. Also, i think he thinks I’m special. Ahh! SWIIP’s powerpoint is being used as an explanation in class! Teehee…

So… while better behaved, I am still far too random to be completely healthy. Here’s a picture of a goat.



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2 responses to “Behaving

  1. this is why we must have goats

  2. Lily

    I can see the maturity in you already since Monday!

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