… My obsession is back in full swing. If you know me, you know that sometimes I’ll get kind of… not bored, but kind of like that, about the things i love. Happened with Glee a few weeks ago, because i was so busy, and i missed a few episodes, and then there was that torturous wait, but it’s back, now! Been listening all day, pretty much, and I seriously think I love this show. I don’t like it, I don’t adore it. I fucking love it. I love Sue, I love New Directions, i love the Warblers, I love Emma, I love Sandy, I love Beiste… I love it all. And ohmygod, next week’s episode is going to kick freaking ass! The only downside is, is that I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff, and though I know half of it will never really happen in any episode, I still want it to. I refused to read anything about an AVPM episode though, lest I collapse. Because no one really thinks that will happen. Though, even just a little quote about something being totally awesome, or red vines would appease me…

Here’s a picture of a hot guy.

Never mind, because when i searched that i got a zillion penis shots!

Here’s a picture of a short guy. Three, actually.

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