Super Bitch

My aunt is a bitch. Like, a huge one. It is a high school musical, were you really expecting it to be flawless??? So what if taylor was a tad sharp once or twice, or ashley went too high for your liking? God forbid she act like a normal parent, and complement everything, even the parts you hated! Oh, and then on Saturday she was a half hour late picking me up, so the front gates had closed. Gremel goes and opens them for her, and instead of saying thank you, she peels out, saying stupid, mean things about how Gremel can’t put on a good show, and how… I don’t even want to say it, it was so bad. I hate her. Putting it lightly, there were ‘favors’ involved. which is gross, 100% mean, and stupid, because it’s a dumb high school show that not a lot of people came to see in the first place, not a Broadway show, where one might find ‘favors’ slightly, SLIGHTLY more logical. her favorite person in the show was Jake. Which makes sense, since they’re both inconsiderate assholes. That’s the one thing I won’t miss about high school. All these super nice people, who really do mean well, and my aunt constantly puts them down.

And to clarify, because Elena thought that was what actually happened, it isn’t, it’s what my aunt said must have happened. Because she’s a bitch. Who’s just mad, because unlike her, I’m happy being in the chorus, and she thinks that because I’m not the worst singer ever, I should be getting every lead. But if she paid any attention, she’d know that my strength as far as acting goes is comedy, which there wasn’t much of in this show, aside from the society ladies and the mayor. And I’m not exactly ideal for any kind of ‘love at first sight’ role, either. She gets this way about everything. In cheer, if we didn’t win, it was because I wasn’t in a particular dance, or stunt. In kindergarten, if I didn’t stand right in front, with every solo, it was because my school was full of retards. She can’t seem to grasp that I don’t like the spotlight, that I just like the background, and being a part of things. And she sad that Taylor wasn’t the best guy, also. Who else could have done it? Jake, who’s an ass and refused to learn his lines? The guys that didn’t even want to be Harold? Oh, maybe she thought it should have been Dylan… Ha. L.O.L.


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7 responses to “Super Bitch

  1. Anonymous

    😡 angry.

  2. Lena

    Favors? What do you mean?

  3. Lena

    Okay thank you for clearing that up! it mKes much more sense now

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