Makes me Sad.

Somewhere Only We Know makes me so sad. Like, it’s a sad enough song already, (Trici and Shad’s song is on!) but if you actually listen to the lyrics, it becomes, like, three times sadder. At least.

Sigh… I’m so happy I have a normal blog theme again. The Twitter-esque one was fun, but i couldn’t really write a long, serious post on it. And i really like the feel of this one. I think It might be ‘the one’.

So, I got Sarah Dessen’s new book. It’s really good so far! After I read this one, I’ll have read every one of her books. And that pleases me. Like, I read all of Jodi Picoult’s books, and when i finished Sing Me Home, i was so proud, and yet, kind of letdown. Like, now I have to wait for her next book! What???


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3 responses to “Makes me Sad.

  1. Lena

    Which new book? Along for the Ride? OR IS THERE A NEW ONE?!?!

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