So I’m back The last few days have…

So… I’m back! The last few days have been really weird. I had to go to the doctor’s yesterday, because it was my eighth day of being on my period. And that took all day, because apparently Tuesdays are very busy days at the doctor’s. Why, i don’t know. Monday I was so crampy I couldn’t move. Hence, me missing the last two days. But I’m back! I got the new Sarah Dessen book and Glee cd as consolation. Both are really good, but I’m still super mood swingy. Oh, and I missed Thespian inductions because of my damn period. How sad is that? Not because i was sick, or dying, or Glee was on, but because of my period. Ugh. I did watch glee, though. it was really good. Me and Willow talked last night, and it was nice, because we hadn’t done that in a while. It suck when the only constant contact you have with your best friend is the phone, and you just so happen to hate using the phone. Also, I have 999 comments. the next person to comment will be my 1000th! Which is even cooler then finally getting over 20,000 views.


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5 responses to “So I’m back The last few days have…

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  2. Jounouchi Katsuya

    Am I the 1000th? Am I? And I’m sorry about your period. 😦 You need a hug.

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