Oh, How I Wish Jamie K Didn’t Exist…

Seriously. So f-ing annoying it’s not possible. She’s like, an annoying robot from the future sent back in time to destroy all my happy memories of drama, or something. There is literally nothing I like about her. Not her stupid, squeaky voice, or the way when she’s saying lines her words are all halting, and stilted. Definitely not the fact that she mutilates the human language on a near daily basis. Oh, and her tattling on us for stuff we didn’t even do to her ‘friends’. Like, no one really likes you, dude. They just happen to hate you a little less then they hate our side. That’s all. oh, and then she won’t practice the scenes, because she needs to learn her lines. What, exactly, does she think practicing is??? We’re going to fail this, and it will be because of her! Mine and Kaylee’s scene is awesome. Kaylee’s lines in her and Jamie’s scene are awesome. I’m a damn good therapist number 2. Kaylee’s a great lawyer. Not one of Jamie’s characters even have a trace of back story to them! Every line is presented in this awful monotone, and Kaylee’s doing the best she can with what she’s got, but what she’s got is a crappy partner who just doesn’t care. Like, I could live with having almost anyone else, because while they might be a giant tool, they can all act pretty well. Jamie’s a triple threat. Can’t act, participate, or think. Yay us. And when we try to offer suggestions, she ignores us, but gets all butt hurt is we don’t agree with her ideas. Like, we’ll at least listen to them, you know? That’s more then she’s ever done for us!

She makes punching babies an okay past time.

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