I Hope Jamie K Isn’t Here Tomorrow.

I’d rather do the entire thing with only two people then with her. My god, there is no one more annoying. You were the one bitching about wanting to get a good grade on this, and being soo dedicated to it, but you won’t come in at lunch to practice it??? When we’re presenting in one day??? Yeah, that’s dedication right there. Me and Kaylee are just so lucky to have her. Not. Anyone would be better. because while I do dislike a lot of this class, most of us are at least pretty fair actors. And if you’re a super bitch *cough*jake*cough*, you probably have enough talent to compromise. But not Jamie. She’s just a bitch. And a really dumb one, too. God. Only she can take something I enjoy a lot, and turn it into a chore. Like, we’ve good a solid script, I think. We’ve got our characters personalities mapped out (I made sure her characters had very little personality, just to make it easier on the CAB). And the more complex characters went to me and Kaylee, because, well, we don’t suck. So this is why Jamie shoudl miss school, and then Trici or someone can read for her. We’ll probably still get a better grade. Because i am NOT losing my 99% to her. I refuse.  Crap. I still have to write my play report! Well, if I forget to do that, I will NOT lose my 85% to her. She’s not worth that. On the last day of school someone has to punch her though. Maybe then she’ll stop being such a buttwhore. Unlikely, but still, I think you should try. 


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