My Goodbyes…

Feeling morbid, so here they are. My goodbyes.

  • SWIIP- I love you, but you already know that. I’m going to miss you like crazy. There’s so much I want to say to you, that I could spend forever writing down. But I want to get this all out before the end of third period, so I can’t really do that. Stay weird, love. One day your love of all things wedding and glitter will pay off, I can tell.
  • Erica- You’re just amazing. You fit in with everyone, but you’re still your own person, which is important. You find little ways to make every day just  a little brighter, a little less suckish, and that’s what makes you irreplaceable.
  • Ashley- Only you can make an ego an endearing thing to have. You have the talent and ego of a Jake, but with the personality of, like, just the best person ever.
  • Kaylee- You’re great. Everything about you is great. Your obsession with pickles, your inability to hold your mountain dew, your total lack of tact when it comes to insulting Jamie K… it’s all what makes you someone I like more and more with every passing day. It’s hard to believe you were the super annoying freshman in my world history class!
  • Trici- You are the most frustrating person I have ever and will ever meet. you’re self centered, rude, insecure, and tall. According to my past history, I should hate you. But I don’t, for some reason I doubt i will ever understand. Even when I’m mad at you, or your mad at me, I see things or hear things, and the first person I think to tell is you. i don’t of course, because I’m too lazy to pull out my phone and text, but i still want to, is the main point. I say things when we’re fighting that I’ll read a few minutes later, discover something misspelled, or that could be taken sexually, and I want to tell you, and when i remember we’re fighting, It’s really freaking annoying.
Ugh… High school is like a fucking drug. You hate it, it’s insanely bad for your health, but you never want to quit it. It’s safe. For thirteen years i’ve been going to school. Getting free breakfast and lunch, being forced to make friends, keeping busy… That’s gone after today, and I’m scared to death. It took forever for me to work up the little confidence i have. I can’t go back to being at the bottom, talking to no one, spending all my free time in the library… When I’m down there I cling to anyone who will talk to me. Places like that are how i end up talking to the Gees of the world. but on the other hand, places like that are where the Amis of the world find me, and pull me from. it’s like they saved me, groomed me, and kicked me out of the proverbial nest. We might have grown apart, but in all honesty, I have them to thank for where i am. It’s because of them that I got into drama, where i met all of you guys. If not for them, I’d be floating around still, no real place where I can be me. So thank you, hallway crew, for saving me from myself. If I meet someone even half as amazing as you guys, I’ll count myself lucky as all hell.


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7 responses to “My Goodbyes…

  1. Can we please just forget all of this? It’s your last day, let’s make it count.

    • Yes Please! ugh… We’re just too freaking emotional. I knew something like this was going to happen. Everyone’s so freaking on edge, and excited, and nervous, and i don’t want to leave, but i DO want to leave, and I have to go, and it all just sucks. Every fucking song on the radio is like, geared towards making me cry, which i have done a zillion times today already. Oh, and I was growing my nails out pretty successfully, but in the past few hours they’ve all just… disappeared. All i can say is i’m glad I’m not dating anyone younger/older then me. Can you imagine how much that must suck? Ugh. No, this is bad enough, thank you.

  2. hey! Do you know how much black people hair stuff you can buy with $17??? Like, none. But still! Lol…

  3. Lena

    Amber, you don’t even know how much I’ll miss you. But I love you lots and that’s never going to change. Thank you for being involved en mi vida!
    Best, best, best, wishes.

  4. navysteel

    That meant a lot. I am so happy to have known you, and I am glad that I had a hand in helping you become friends with those you are with now. The memories we have are going to remain with me until the end of time. I hope there are many more Amis and hallway crews to help you along the way, and I know you will be there for others. I love you.

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