My Last Post.

Well, It’s been interesting. For three years I’ve been documenting my life for the world to see and learn from. And now it’s over. It’s literally like I’m saying goodbye to a part of my life. You don’t even know how hard this is for me. For the first year, this blog was the only outlet I had. I’m opinionated, but I’m also really quiet. I was even worse before the blog. I don’t know if anyone outside of my friends reads this on a daily basis, but even knowing that you’re out there, at least slightly interested in my life, is huge. I come from, not a big family, but a loud one. For someone like me, that’s not a good thing. No one ever really heard what I had to say until you guys. You’ve suffered through my beginning posts, which were so painfully awful and boring, all the way up to these last days which have been just as much as a roller coaster for you as it has for me. I mean, love me or hate me, if you read me, you know me. You’ve gone through every single sugar rush, every rant, every one liner. I’m sure you all hate the people I do just as much as me, if only because I always write about them. We’re connected. And that connection is, for a lot of you, about to be cut. So, I wanted to take this time to thank you. I may not always show it, but I’ve gone through some pretty rough times. And knowing that I would never want to disappoint you guys, I stayed strong. I love you all, SO much! It’s like a part of my life, this blog. Get up, get ready for school, take the bus, go to first period, check the blogs, write some posts. Everyday, for three years. That’s… 1095 days! That’s… 516 posts! And… 1048 comments! This is my legacy. When i’m old and grey, and blind as a bat, my grandchildren will read, not books, or letters, but blog posts to me. Because On a blog, you’re real. It’s not something you spend forever thinking about what to write, you just type as it comes to you. It’s people.

I love you all. Thank you, for everything. Peace out.



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9 responses to “My Last Post.

  1. Lena

    I love you too. Thank you for letting me read I promise you I will still check (stalk) your blog just in case. 🙂
    Stay beautiful, amazing, funny, lovely, and yourself.
    Lena ❤

  2. Ashley Summerset

    This is like poetry Amber. Its 🙂

  3. Aww 😦 I am muy tristre 😦 😦

  4. Jounouchi Katsuya

    Please don’t stop posting. Please. I’ll miss you so freaking much, how will I talk to you? :,(

    • Jounouchi Katsuya

      Plus you said you’d keep blogging. Please don’t break your promise. And even if you do, I’ll still love you. I miss you already Amber. We love you. ❤

  5. You can’t stop posting! You make me smile everytime you rant about Bye or post yur silly notes ! How are we all gonna make it through the next TWO YEARS without you?!?!?!?! You can’t stop posting!

  6. I’m just getting back to blogging, so you cant go… xxx

  7. Lena

    I love you! I miss you. We should hang out sometime. Only not right now cause I’m grounded and I’m not really sure that you ever check this blog anymore. But I do!

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