Yeah, I’m Seriously Sick.

I can barely walk, I’m shaking so much. This is what happens when i get nervous. I get sick. I knew this would happen, too. I’ve been trying to prevent it- hot tea, light dinners, lots of sleep, a few cold pills. But apparently I’ve not been lucky. i seriously could just sit in the bathroom and throw up all day. It’d probably be a better way to spend my last day then all this stressing i’ve been doing. Usually i very rarely get sick anyways, so I’d like to really enjoy this time. Not.  Really it’s a good thing, though, because a trip to the doctor’s or, god forbid, the hospital, is just not in our budget.I can’t believe this is what my last day of blogging will consist of: posts about being depressed and sick. I’m so glad me and Willow exchanged numbers last year, or I’d have no contact with him, which would suck more then not being able to blog. I wouldn’t be able to survive what’s coming next for me without him. In all the time I’ve known him we’ve never had a fight, which is pretty amazing, considering we are both pretty opinionated people. We mostly just agree to disagree. Though I swear to one day convince him of Johnny Depp’s innate sexiness, i swear it! Even if i have to stick nekked pictures of him all over your room when we live together, IT WILL HAPPEN. So look out, mister.

I want to go home. I have stuff to do there. i have to go to the store first, though, Then I have to do laundry, clean the bathroom, walk the dumb dog, and baby sit. And throw up. A lot.


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