I’m Back!!!

Yay! My phone FINALLY has a wordpress app, so… Here I am! I’ve been busy, I guess you could say. Um… I got a job! Kind of. I babysit twice a week, if that counts. I’m looking for other stuff too, obviously. I miss you guys! It’s just awkward, not going to school every day. I’m so deprived i’ve been doing my sister’s homework! Well, not Mercedes’ obviously. Oh! Guess who got caught sexting a guy in washington? Yup. My sister- the inspiration. How dumb can you be, that you’re texting some twenty year old guy, who knows you’re fifteen, and actually think people aren’t going to start really thinking and believing you’re a whore???

Some other happenings I’m too lazy to text anyone about:

Went to the hospital for what my aunt insists was a seizure. The doctor couldn’t explain it, so I have an appointment with a neurologist. It’s probably nothing but still.

Grew half an inch! I’m finally 5’2!

LEarned that my cousin is a sociopath-in-training. She was shooting her barbies with a dart gun because they were fat. I worry.

SAw Gee at fry’s yesterday. Yup.

Saw the gremels. Totally didn’t recognize them, which made me feel so bad!

That’s my summer in a nutshell. Hi! Talk soon!

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One response to “I’m Back!!!

  1. Lena

    OH MY GOSH! You’re BLOGGING again! I’ve missed you! I think I’m like telepathic or something because I checked your blog just to make sure you hadn’t posted anything yet but you did! !!!!!

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