My Sister, the Bimbo

So, my sister is a complete idiot, yes? She is trying to get people to donate to her sweet sixteen fund. The goal? $15,000. How? How am I related to someone so totally vapid??? So fake! She tells people she used to cut herself, you know. Not one scar on her that could have come from cutting. And she’s so phsycopathic. She lied about trying to kill herself when I was in the hospital. I shit you not, she said it was because she wanted more attention then me. Who does that? Said she tried to hang herself. Off what??? Her bed, which is shorter then her? Here’s some more of my sister’s stupid lies.

“I was named after a romance novel character”- she got her middle name from a character on ‘my so-called life’. Her first name was from a baby book.

“I was a cheerleader for eight years.”- We cheered for six years. It’s been two years since we stopped.

“My aunt took me to a pshychiatrist.”- Never happened. My aunt doesn’t think people can even have issues that warrant that.

“I’m bi.”- This one’s my favorite. Can you really say you’re bi if you’ve never dated, kissed, or checked out someone of the same sex? Isn’t that how you, you know, figure it out? She got all defensive and offended when I asked her if there was any particular girl she liked. And now she says she’s not bi. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe sexuality is something you can change.

So if anyone’s ever wondered why I loathe my sister, those are the reasons. She’s a liar who mocks people who really do cut, people who really are bi, and people who have attempted suicide by pretending she does/is/have. And she’s dumb as all hell.



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2 responses to “My Sister, the Bimbo

  1. Lena

    Aww. Well at least she has an amazing sister!

  2. Jounouchi Katsuya

    I wish I could give you a bug hug right now.

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