Good Morrow, Citizens of CrazyTown!!!

Amber is super tired because a certain little sister decided it would be a supermegafoxyawesomehot idea to sing pretend showtunes in my ear. But never fear, citizens, for I punched her in the arm, and all was well again. But now I’m really tired!!!!!!!
Oh! Has anyone ever read Average Texts From Last Night? It’s super fun! Mostly because I know for a fact I’ve sent dozens of texts like that, and will most likely send dozens more before my phone dies forever!!!
I also think that pink is a very gross color. Like, it’s ketchup and milk mixed together! Why would anyone wear something that color??? I know!! I shall ask TRICI-NOW-CAELYN!!!!!! The Lady of Pink will surely know why people like it, and all its milky ketchup-ness!!!
My tummy is rawring for some cap-n crunch, so I must away!!! I shall see you posthence, dear citizens!!!!










Harry Potter is the smexiest book ever written ever. I would have that book’s illegitimate children and name them after the really hot deatheaters.



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4 responses to “Good Morrow, Citizens of CrazyTown!!!

  1. Lena

    Hey. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Pink. I own so much pink, my puke is the color of Pepto Bismol. You should have seen me at the cancer walk. I was so pink it was pretty much blinding. You awful person.

  2. sociallyawkwardmess

    were not crazy town…. O.O

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