Top Reasons Why People Have Bad Disneyland Experiences.

  1. Going on Holidays-  If you are dumb enough to spend a major calendar holiday in Disneyland, you really can’t be expecting a perfect trip, because there’s only… oh, I don’t know, a bagillion other people who had the same ‘brilliant’ plan. Yeah, shocker!
  2. Going All the Time- If you go to Disneyland all the time, of course it’s not going to be as fun as the first time you went. If you go less then once a year, you’re a lot more  forgiving for people who dare to slightly jostle you in line, and less then perky cast members!
  3. Nitpicking- If you nitpick every detail, down to the fact that they don’t have a full freaking McDonald’s in the park, you just aren’t going to have a good time. I’m sorry, but you are NOT going to see every Disney character in one day, you are NOT going to ride every ride in one day, and people WILL act as if you don’t matter to them, because they aren’t there to make sure you have a great time, they’re there to make sure THEY have a good time. Again, shocker.

I’m going to Disneyland! Not sure when, but trying to aim for Rodeo Weekend. Every time i think about it a flail! O_O

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