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My Busiest Day!

Yes! I have finally crossed the 100 daily view mark! It’s only 11:30, but I have 101 views so far! For the longest time, the most I’d ever get was 99. And it happened a lot, too. Which was odd. But who cares! I feel special!

I was looking for a ‘celebrate’ picture, but I found this, and I loved this show when I was little!!


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Andrew Likes Slash

Ya’ll remember that super annoying, mega insulting kid Andrew? Apparently he likes slash. Now, I’m not sure what he was referring to, a comic book, a tv show… all I know is that in the fan fiction world, slash means boy love. The world’s most annoying, slightly homophobic person ever likes to read boy on boy romance. Hah. It pleases me. Not as much as the one (And I mean one) book I’ve managed to find that had a main character that was gay. A fiction story, too. Not a self-help book, or a nonfiction thing, but an honest to god, for pleasure only fictional story. And he wasn’t magically cured of his gayness, either. He got a guy. Not the guy, but a guy. I loved it. I read it a million times this summer.

On that subject, I met my first mean gay person over the summer. Granted, he was about 70 years old, and had just soiled himself, but it happened. He yelled at me, and called me a pain in the ass suck up. Then he spit at me when I started laughing. I think I like mean gay people almost as much as nice gay people! I wonder, is it terribly wrong that I want to just give all the gay people of the world, nice or not, a ginormous hug, and pair them all off? I don’t think it is.


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The Joys of Procrastinating Parents

First off, I spelt that right on the first try, and misspelt ‘spelt’ twice. How’s that for consistency? Second, so SO sorry about the long absence. The only internet access I have is via my tiny phone. I can’t even text without it taking forever, so imagine how long a whole blog post would take??? But, it’s 1am, family is sleeping or at work, so here I am, breaking my vow to never use this computer for blogging, just so I can contact my lovelies. Normally I’d say something about how only I could hold off blogging until two days before school starts up again, and we get our computers, but… just guess what didn’t happen. The title of this post should be a hint. My aunt ( lovely, obliging girl that she is) didn’t register me or my sister for school when it was time to, so now she’s fumbling around at the very last minute, trying to get us registered in time for Friday. Yeah… UGH!!! It’s not even the fact that I want to go to school, cause I don’t. I plan on leaving home ASAP, writing a few books, and becoming independently wealthy. Or leaving home ASAP, getting all the stuff you need to live on your own (IE; license, job, home, etc) and then, after a few years of struggling to make it, find a good man (as is: nonfiction, straight, strong enough to carry me when i’m tired) and relying on his substantial wealth. But mostly, I just want to be… done, you know? No more sitting through hours of useless classes, fights, and sob-fests when they aren’t going to make any difference. I was doomed from he second I walked into first period freshman year.

No one who goes from a crappy, low budget TUSD school to a small, fully computerized school that wants you to learn is going to make that transition nicely. I handled crappy city schooling better then I do Empire. And, let’s face it, I liked being a smart kid. I was in advanced classes throughout most of middle school, all of elementary school; I was in the advanced 8th grade english class when i was in 6th grade. I had a college reading comprehension. Now I’m retaking a bunch of classes I could have passed easily, I have this underlying desire to leave now, and never look back (coincidentally, I have this underlying fear of what me leaving home now would do to the rest of my family. read, my youngest sister, my cousins, and my cats.) So, while I am sitting here, whining to all of you about how I don’t care about school anymore, I’m also whining about how as of right now, this very second, I don’t attend a high school. Hey, I never once said it made sense. It’s just what I think and feel. I’ve been doing this a lot, recently. Just saying (or thinking about saying) what I feel, regardless of how it makes people think of me, or who it hurts. Then again, I’ve also been contemplating the meaning of life, to the point where I question why we do the things we do to become successful when in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. At all. If all of the people in the world who’ve done nothing but good dropped dead, life would go on. ultimately, nothing would change. Huh. I have no idea how that ties into my original post topic.

Eh, not the first time that’s happened. And most likely, not the last, either. I think I am slightly (or maybe it’s moderately) hypochondriac-tic. Not sure if that’s a word, but who cares. I keep having these random bouts of abdominal pain, but I’ve done so much WebMD-ing, that even if I did actually have a disease or illness, or whatever, I would just think I was imagining it. Although, If I ever need to write an essay on appendicitis or intestinal blockage, I would ace it. Wanna know something gross, that if my sister ever read this, she would just die of embarrassment??? I think, a few hours ago, I heard her… ‘taking care of’ herself (to paraphrase Scrubs). or singing. I’d imagine they sound similar. Grody, no? I don’t get how anyone could do that to themselves, let alone let someone else do it to them. Sorry Jamie, but it’s yet another mini-rant about the utter grossness of sex. It’s like in that one movie with the guy with the face thing, cause of how he was born ( i forget names) and Sandra Bullock, and they don’t have sex ever in the future, they just put in an order and get a baby invitro-ed? that’s how I think it should be. it might sound naive, and a little prudish, but look at it this way: no sex, no rape. No sex, no accidental pregnancies. No sex, no emotionally scarred kids walking into their parents room… during. Ugh. ‘Nuff said. Anyhoo, It’s now 1:44am, I am extremely tired, I may not be going to school come friday morning, and I think someone is trying to break into my house. Or it’s windy outside. So goodnight, I love you all, and I sincerely hope to ‘see’ you all on Friday.


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Yet Another Blog

Hey all. Got a new blog up tonight. Has a more direct use, though, if that’s not what you’re looking for, don’t read it, but if you’re looking for something different from this one, check it out. It’s pretty much a place for my to write my stories and stuff that I don’t have to back up,or flashdrive. ugh. it’s at


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I know Willow has, but has anyone else gotten a comment from that Andrew guy? Talk about rose-colored glasses. He is a very strange little man-child. If your sister says you get frustrated easily, would you tell on her? But Willow’s sister is kind of an insane person (sorry.) and this kid goes off saying how he shouldn’t have told his mom about all the crap she does.Or how he thinks that you should love your parents no matter what, and if, god forbid, you try to reason with this little toerag, he says you deserve to be hit. And he seems to think that because a friend made him go on a porn site, and he had something to do with a forest fire, he’s been abused! Being punished, and afterward being hugged, and told that you’re loved and forgiven is not the same thing as being abused. otherwise just about every kid in the world is abused. And also, why the hell does a ten-year old have a blog? what could possibly be so interesting in a ten-year old’s life that it must be blogged about? it’s not like he’s giving out advice, or talking about things that interest people. granted, my blog isn’t exactly winning a Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon, but at least people learn how not to act in situations. (You’re all welcome, by the way. lol…) I really think I hate this kid. Yes, HATE. Hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE! ( he doesn’t like putting hate into the universe. so i figured I’d do his share. you’re welcome, weirdo.)

On a different note, is my blog depressing? Because I’ve been told that a lot recently. I don’t think it is, but… is it?


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Revamping My Blog

As you can see, i changed A LOT of things on my blog. Even the name was not safe. The new title is what type of personality I have, since it’s the time of year when I’m really into figuring out my personality, and who I am, and stuff. It’ll probably be back to normal by the new school year. Unless people like this design, and tell me so. In that case, who am I to complain? Lol… I’m sill trying to find the test I took, and put up the link,because it was really accurate, and helpful. I kinda want to take it again, just to see if I get the same answer. And once you know what your personality type is, you can search it, and you’ll find loads of information on what jobs are best suited for you, what kind of romantic partner… fun stuff like that. I know lots of people don’t believe in that stuff, but i do. i think it’s fun, and it always works for me. I like answering questions and then being told flat out who I am. it’s hella lot more easy then figuring it out on your own, I’ll tell you that much!

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Today is the Day

Today is the day I meet my husband. KFMA Day 2010! It’s going to be great. 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, Switchfoot, Five Finger Death Punch, Silversun Pickups, Neon Trees, and The Dirty Heads. I, personally, don’t care about the last four, or Muse, for that matter, but I shall suffer through, for my love. Wow. I’m going to look back on these post in a week or two and feel super stalker-esque. Along with the sexy nakeds, too.


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My Life is Better Then Yours. At Least for This Sunday.

Tomorrow I get to meet my future husband. Yes people, 30 Seconds to Mars is coming to lil’ ol’ Tucson, AZ. Along with Switchfoot, Muse, and a few others that I don’t care about. Tomorrow I will be within touching distance of Jared Leto. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ehem… All better. I am bringing my singing spoon with me, and I’m gonna wear my new black and purple converse. They is ever so cute. I can’t sleep, and even though it’s only 9pm here, I somehow get the feeling i won’t be sleeping at all tonight. Ah, well. Sleep is for losers. And tired people. I just ran my hand through my hair, and when my hand touched my ear, it sounded like someone said my name. I am so paranoid. All the fantasy books I’ve been reading. Speaking of, I have figured out Twilight. Stephenie Meyer is not an author, she’s a troll. Like that one Fan fiction, where if you search ‘worst fanfic ever’ in google, it’s the very first one. That story is truly awful, but the chick who wrote it (sexily) is known to just about any fanfic reader. I felt super accomplished when i realised this.

Something for you to ponder- what if J.K. Rowling had written Twilight?

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Jamie, You Traitor.

More sexy men, since my so called friend Jamie is being a traitor.

James Marsden- yeah…

Viggo Mortensen- to be honest, i only like his acting when he’s Aragorn. still, i find him extremely attractive.

Tim McGraw- i would jump his cowboy bones, were it not for his wife. she may look nice, but i don’t think she above having er husband’s stalker fan killed. lol…

Tyson Ritter- I love all-american rejects, and i bought house bunny because he’s in it. it was hard to find a pic of him where he didn’t look too gaunt, though. he’s really skinny.



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Sexy Men. More of Them.

Bon Jovi- My favorite man of all time. Even back when he had that awful hair do.

Joaquin Phoenix- I love those Phoenix brothers. I really do.

James McAvoy- Only guy I know of who can be as cute as a button, even when holding a gun.

Heath Ledger- I was just about crying when I searched him in Bing. We had the same birthday. He would be 32 as of Easter Sunday. And now I am crying. Great.

Ashton Kutcher- Men everywhere must hate him. He’s 30, and still looks about… 19? 20, maybe.

Keanu Reeves- don’t judge me. I love the guy, okay?

Jamie Oliver- I love this guy. He’s easily the sexiest chef I’ve ever seen. And that mouth…


Micheal C. Hall- He is adorable. Trust me. But he has cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I think? And I decided I wanted to use a picture that kind of reflected that. Google him, though. You’ll see what I mean.

Adrien Grenier- ignore her- she’s stupid. and neither attractive, nor male. He, however, is a door and a ball.

Sorry. Last Hot Guy post. I swear.

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