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My Life is Better Then Yours. At Least for This Sunday.

Tomorrow I get to meet my future husband. Yes people, 30 Seconds to Mars is coming to lil’ ol’ Tucson, AZ. Along with Switchfoot, Muse, and a few others that I don’t care about. Tomorrow I will be within touching distance of Jared Leto. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ehem… All better. I am bringing my singing spoon with me, and I’m gonna wear my new black and purple converse. They is ever so cute. I can’t sleep, and even though it’s only 9pm here, I somehow get the feeling i won’t be sleeping at all tonight. Ah, well. Sleep is for losers. And tired people. I just ran my hand through my hair, and when my hand touched my ear, it sounded like someone said my name. I am so paranoid. All the fantasy books I’ve been reading. Speaking of, I have figured out Twilight. Stephenie Meyer is not an author, she’s a troll. Like that one Fan fiction, where if you search ‘worst fanfic ever’ in google, it’s the very first one. That story is truly awful, but the chick who wrote it (sexily) is known to just about any fanfic reader. I felt super accomplished when i realised this.

Something for you to ponder- what if J.K. Rowling had written Twilight?

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Jamie, You Traitor.

More sexy men, since my so called friend Jamie is being a traitor.

James Marsden- yeah…

Viggo Mortensen- to be honest, i only like his acting when he’s Aragorn. still, i find him extremely attractive.

Tim McGraw- i would jump his cowboy bones, were it not for his wife. she may look nice, but i don’t think she above having er husband’s stalker fan killed. lol…

Tyson Ritter- I love all-american rejects, and i bought house bunny because he’s in it. it was hard to find a pic of him where he didn’t look too gaunt, though. he’s really skinny.



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Sexy Men. More of Them.

Bon Jovi- My favorite man of all time. Even back when he had that awful hair do.

Joaquin Phoenix- I love those Phoenix brothers. I really do.

James McAvoy- Only guy I know of who can be as cute as a button, even when holding a gun.

Heath Ledger- I was just about crying when I searched him in Bing. We had the same birthday. He would be 32 as of Easter Sunday. And now I am crying. Great.

Ashton Kutcher- Men everywhere must hate him. He’s 30, and still looks about… 19? 20, maybe.

Keanu Reeves- don’t judge me. I love the guy, okay?

Jamie Oliver- I love this guy. He’s easily the sexiest chef I’ve ever seen. And that mouth…


Micheal C. Hall- He is adorable. Trust me. But he has cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I think? And I decided I wanted to use a picture that kind of reflected that. Google him, though. You’ll see what I mean.

Adrien Grenier- ignore her- she’s stupid. and neither attractive, nor male. He, however, is a door and a ball.

Sorry. Last Hot Guy post. I swear.

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Sexy Men. I Pulled out all the stops this time, Willow.

Hadyen Christiansen- Hot. I loved him in Jumper.

Orlando Bloom- I would carry his children.


Ewan MacGregor- he can sing, he has the most beautiful eyes… where do i sign up for his sperm?

James, from Twilight- say what you want about the movie, they were smart enough to have him shirtless the whole time. Twilight, you are redeemed.

McSteamy- i started watching Grey’s Anatomy because of him.

Milo/Peter- I love him. and don’t make fun of his mouth. he has a bunch of dead cells that make it look like that.

James Franco- Yum.

Leo DiCaprio- My favorite actor. Ever.

Bradley Cooper- I could eat him UP!!

Chris Pine- Kirk has never looked so good.

Also, a side note. McSteamy and Mr. Cooper up there? yeah, they are in the movie Valentine’s Day, and are easily the cutest gay couple in the world. You must see that movie, if only for sexy boy love.


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Ahh… Poor Willow Thought He Could Beat Me. I Haven’t Even Gotten Started.

Taye Diggs- A very hot black man. Hotter then Willow’s black guy.

Zachary Quinto- Spock is hot.

Zac Efron- So he was in HSM. he didn’t know any better.

David Beckam- The only time I ever watch soccer is if he’s playing. And those tattoos? Yum.


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More Sexy Men, Because Willow Cheated, and Put Up More Then One.

Hugh Dancy- Adorable, British, likes Jane Austen. ‘Nuff said.

Josh Groban- not traditionally attractive, but he has good hair, and is easily the sweetest guy on the planet.

Russell Crowe- Would you not enjoy jumping his bones? i would, age difference be damned.

Gerard Butler- Should be nekked ALL THE TIME. Hot, Hot, Hot.

My computer is being really slow, so this is it for now. Expect more sexiness later.

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Sexy Man Contest

Willow thinks his taste in men is better then mine. So it’s up to you guys to decide: My guys or his?

Karl, from Love Actually

He was also the sexy bad guy from the second Charlie’s Angels. The one who doesn’t say a word throughout the entire movie.


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