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Friends and Karaoke

Why is it that i always seem to make closer, better friends with people younger then me? Like, i have friends who are juniors, and i love them to death, but i also have sophomore friends, and i love them to death. But i also also have freshmen friends who i really love to death. I don’t know why, either. it’s not like all my friends who are juniors are as mature as freshmen, or freshmen friends who are as mature as juniors, or anything. I guess it’s just my MPD shining through. lol… not really. i just have a very broad personality. i can have a real, honest to goodness conversation with an adult, but a few minutes later, i can talk to a four year old and understand exactly what they mean. The only thing i’ve ever had a problem with is making and keeping friends my own age.I think it’s the fact that i’m so sarcastic that makes it so easy to converse with adults, because i understand their humor. and the little kids, well, i’m like them in more ways then probably healthy for a teen my age… lol… on a different note, do you know how odd it is to be in the middle of drama when someone’s playing cartoon theme songs on their Itunes, and before you know it everyone’s singing along? very odd. like, we sang the F-U-N song from Spongebob, the teen titans theme song, the J.O.N.A.S. theme song… it was weird. 14-17 year olds singing songs from shows aimed at nine year olds. Some of the shows aren’t even running anymore. at least, not any new episodes. it was surreal, to say the least.

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i have this song stuck in my head, and i have no idea what it’s from! can anyone help me?

-gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna buy me a rainbow

Buy me a rainbow!- isn’t that annoying and weird? i think i heard it on the disney channel, or something. please help me!

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A little Something to Make up For The last, Some What Depressing Post

Does anyone remember a show called ‘My So-Called Life’? it was only on for one season, between 1994 and ’95, but it’s really good! and you know brian? with all the cute, fluffy hair?  well, her he is now, 15 years later.

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An extreme rarity in its self– a puff peice.

Okay, normally i couldn’t give a flying fuck about reality tv shows. i personally find them to be complete and utter crap, omitting the audition episode of American idol. ( i love watching people make fools of themselves! lol…) however. when it is a show that will undoubtabally put a beautiful man in skin tight costumes, i can’t help but be intrigued. now, these are only rumors, and will most likely end up to be incorrect, but i have read on some other blogs and stuff that keanu reeves has been asked to do dancing with the stars. yay! and, aside from him being uber-tasty, he’d probably do really good, considering some of the moves he had to learn for the matrix were painfully ballerina-esque! lol…

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:sniffs boogies back into nostril: it’s finally over. jD has left scrubs! i am so upset i could die. and i know he won’t ever be seen again, because he’s with Elliot and whatever, but still! the point of the show is that it’s seen through his eyes, and i don’t know how it’ll work, without him. maybe we’ll get to see sacred heart through the eyes of one of the new interns, or something. but if it ends up cancelled, i swear, i will hunt down abc and rip their throats out! with every show i get attached to, it ends up cancelled! friends, moonlight, the class, the ex list, firefly… they all leave me!!!!! :bursts into fresh, soggy tears:

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My favorite T.V. show- Scrubs

okay, so what is dr. cox’s deal with hugh jackman? at every chance he gets he’s making sure everyone knows how he feels about the man, and i can’t figure out why! that, and janitor’s real name are the only things that continue to elude me about my fave show. everything else i know. there are some episodes, like My Musical, that i can say word for word, but i can’t figure those things out! grr…


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