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I know Willow has, but has anyone else gotten a comment from that Andrew guy? Talk about rose-colored glasses. He is a very strange little man-child. If your sister says you get frustrated easily, would you tell on her? But Willow’s sister is kind of an insane person (sorry.) and this kid goes off saying how he shouldn’t have told his mom about all the crap she does.Or how he thinks that you should love your parents no matter what, and if, god forbid, you try to reason with this little toerag, he says you deserve to be hit. And he seems to think that because a friend made him go on a porn site, and he had something to do with a forest fire, he’s been abused! Being punished, and afterward being hugged, and told that you’re loved and forgiven is not the same thing as being abused. otherwise just about every kid in the world is abused. And also, why the hell does a ten-year old have a blog? what could possibly be so interesting in a ten-year old’s life that it must be blogged about? it’s not like he’s giving out advice, or talking about things that interest people. granted, my blog isn’t exactly winning a Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon, but at least people learn how not to act in situations. (You’re all welcome, by the way. lol…) I really think I hate this kid. Yes, HATE. Hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE! ( he doesn’t like putting hate into the universe. so i figured I’d do his share. you’re welcome, weirdo.)

On a different note, is my blog depressing? Because I’ve been told that a lot recently. I don’t think it is, but… is it?


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