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Finding A Job… Eventually.

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Ugh… If I have to fill out one more application, I will shoot myself. I have applied to:


Bath and Body Works

Anna’s Linens




And a bunch of other places I honestly cannot even remember. One plus, I guess, is that I now have my social security number memorised!! And my whole family’s work, home, and cell numbers. And addresses. I am so tired of sitting at home! I have even started voluntarily cleaning!!!! Gasp!! Isn’t this a sign of the Apocalypse, or something??? It’s like I’m a stay at home mom who’s kids are all school age, and I don’t know what to do with myself for those six hours! I watch Maury, and wash dishes, and move furniture around, and everything!!! What. The. Hell!!!


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So, I’m Back!… Again.

Bath and Body Works store in Ohio

This one's in Ohio. Where we do not reside. It's so pretty, though!

So, after months of being ‘back’, because I stupidly thought the wordpress app would be useful in any way, shape, or form, I am actually back, because our new house’s neighbor’s have unrestricted internet! So… Hi! I have no idea what I am supposed to say, though. Oh, I applied for a job at Bath and Body Works yesterday. I’m actually supposed to be looking for a job right now, but the temptation to blog was too strong!

People already have Christmas decorations up, can you believe that??? And I thought I was obsessed! After this post I have to check out my sister’s blog. It should be spectacular. And by ‘spectacular’, I mean not so much.

My sister is watching How to Train Your Dragon for the fourth time in three days. It’s a good thing  it’s a good movie, or she’d be ever so dead!

Ooh! After this I’m, so going to change my theme! I imagine seeing the same black theme for seven months got a tad boring.

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