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New Blog!!

Since my cheerleading posts seem to scare away readers, i’ve n=made a blog dedicated solely to cheerleading. If anyone’s interested in seeing the inner workings of that which is cheerleading, or if you have question, check it out!! here it is.

Cheer Hints And Tips For You!!

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Good Online Radio and Football Movies

Hey people! this is another one of my two-fer posts. I found this online radio, and i enjoy it alot. it’s king of like Pandora, only it doesn’t ‘foresee’ what songs you’ll like. you can still ban, love, and skip, only there’s a lot of ads and you only get 6 skips per hour per station, unless you upgrade, then there’s no ads and there’s unlimited skipping. I like it, so if you’re looking for a radio that maybe you haven’t heard of yet, or if you just are tired of the same online stuff, try it out!! here’s the link.


On another note, have you ever noticed just how many football movies there are? there’s a lot! And i hate football. Anyone who knows me knows this. So why is it that when i watch it in movies, i don’t feel my brain cells escaping? Like, in The Replacements (another Keanu movie, i know. bite me.) even the football parts get me all hyped up. A catch that’s probably nothing to real football players seems so much more amazing on screen, you know? One thing does bug me though. how come year after year cheerleading movies get sluttier and sluttier, but football movies never seem to loose the punch they packed in the earlier ones?? it’s not fair. Guys are encouraged to accept people, and over come shit and stuff, but girls are encouraged to talk like they’re from the ghetto, even if they’re blonde haired, blue eyed girls from the south. (like, alabama. not southside. *eye roll*) So much for progress in women’s rights. I hate that things are still so stereotyped, even after all this time.

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Cheerleading and Jumpsuits

No, not cheerleading in jumpsuits. Though that would be cool…

I was a cheerleader for six years until my aunt made me quit. As i direct result of this, i am slightly obsessed with finding any way to do cheerleading. Even if it means teaching annoying sophomores and freshmen who have perfectly good, normal names, like Ashley, but go by Sparkle. (very hooker-esque, no?) How sad is that? i guess i’m kind of the co-coach, stunting instructor person now. And now i have to wonder… what the hell did i get myself into? I haven’t stunted in months, or tumbled. After school i’ll have to start retraining my body. yay. this means crunches, sit ups, push ups, splits, hollow body holds, kicks, motion training… oh god oh god oh god why did i offer to do this!?!?!?!? And as if that’s not bad enough, there’s boys on the team! how in the hell am i supposed to tell a guy how to hold a girl in the air? all they’ll do is make stupid innuendos and fool around, which will end up getting someone hurt!And then i have all the terms i learned from TCA that only TCA used, so they won’t have any idea what i’m talking about, and then i’ll look so stupid… i don’t even know what counts they use! 8 counts? 6 counts? 4 counts???  And yet… all i can think about is how i can’t wait to do all that. On another note, I so wish i was a senior this year.. they’ve got these cool jumpsuits that they decorated to wear to all the spirit assemblies, so of course now we’ll never have a chance at winning, and they’re so cool looking! i’ll try to get a picture later.

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