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End Of The Week Review


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So, since I am prone to forgetting to post about about a zillion things, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just kind of skim over the things I did this week. And when I say skim, I mean it. You wouldn’t believe the number of things I forget to post.

  1. Going to the pet store to get my cats fixed and to buy some wee little mices.
  2. Reading Peter and the Starcatchers. Have decided that Molly will eventually become Tinkerbelle.
  3. Finally turned in that paper that I finished about two weeks ago that we’ve been working on for three.
  4. Signed up to go to the drama lock in in September. Am really excited, because I heard we’re only doing the one this year.
  5. Figured out how to transfer videos from my phone to my laptop, and vice versa.
  6. Got a new pair of jeans, which subsequently led to me realizing that I never wear normal jeans. Just capris, shorts, etc. Huh.


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