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how do teachers stand teaching us day after day without committing suicide, or being committed? Today i had an abortion. and my wife cheated on me with the marriage counselor, who left her for me, but i found my wife cheating with the divorce lawyer, so i killed her. And now i some how am having triplets. if i remember correctly. So very strange, we are. between my drama friends, and my regular friends, i don’t know how i even function. what at one time may have been mistaken as shyness has been revealed to simply be me being too tired to do anything crazy, having been crazy all day long with my friends! lol…

Also, most of these pictures were taken by the infamous Ashley. See inability to use a camera post for more info. lol…


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Scared to Death

wow. when i saw the Lebanon ohio, i about died. see, i am a crazy person, and my latest fave actor is from lebanon (not ohio, but as soon as i saw lebanon on my blog, i froze) and… *take stablizing breath* ithoughtthatmaybejustmaybehehadreadmyblog, whileconvienientlyforgetingthathehasn’tbeenhomeinyears.

yeah. heh… i am insane.


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