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Day 4

The phenakistoscope – a couple waltzing

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Hmm… A time when i was most proud of myself? In 2010? The musical. I am not a very ‘out there’ kind of person. I can’t stand the thought of someone judging me. So for me to stand up in front of friends, family, AND strangers, singing and dancing? Kind of a big thing for me. I love singing, so much so that if I’m around people who would not enjoy an impromptu concert, I mouth the words to myself. But for some reason, I get nervous around people, and on a stage. Same with dancing. I’m pretty good with choreographed dances, but combined with the stage, and the singing… It just is way overwhelming. But I did it! I got up there and sang my heart out, and danced until my feet hurt really, really bad.

Yeah, either the musical, or this year in Algebra, when I finally understood what it was we were doing instantly. Moseley even used MY paper as an answer key! MY PAPER!

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