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I think My Aunt’s Drunk.

yeah. so, she comes home from Wal-mart, and the first thing she says to me is, ‘i bought alcohol!’. like i care? i don’t even know why she bought it. it’s not like, beer, or anything. it’s like the kind of alcohol you’d have at a party. the last party we had at my house was my little sister’s ninth birthday. not really something you celebrate with kahula and margaritas. she’s an odd person. i think being single mother to three children that she had no part in creating has finally gotten to her. i guess it’s time to start looking at crazy home for her. *shakes head in apparent shame* i knew it would come to this. i just knew it. now we’ll be all alone, no one to feed us, get us clean clothes… and… and… AND NO ONE TO TAKE ME TO THE MALL THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! * wails like dying animal for several hours* heh… just kidding. but seriously. what normal adult brings chocolatey flavored alcohol into a house where a sixteen year old resides? because, while i loathe any alcohol at all, if i can’t taste, then what the hell, gimme a glass, and keep it coming!


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