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Pointless and American Idol

What is the point of having an english teacher if she can’t even read? it’s annoying, and i hate it. she can pronounce a good third of the words she reads aloud, and i seriously can’t take it anymore. How can you learn from someone who can’t even do what they’re teaching? *shakes head* whatever. on another note, in drama we’re making up skits again, only this time we get to speak! Our skit is American Idol, and i’m Paula. The infamous Ashley is Kris Allen and some random audition-er we made up. it’s great. Kris/Ashley is singing hot n’ cold by katy perry (laugh) and the random audition-er/Ashley is singing you’re so vain, and the paula song, which he wrote. it’s so funny. And jamie can’t remember names for the life of her, and she’s playing ryan seacrest, so she has to announce everyone! it’s just a lot of fun, and i wish every class was as easy and fun as drama.

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