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Why I Hate Religion

Cults and new religious movements in literatur...

To clarify, I do not hate religious people. I have friends that are Jewish, Mormon, Christian… And more then a few Wiccan friends, too. I just hate religion as a whole. It’s all so confusing, and self-contradictory. It’s like, who the hell cares what we do in our personal time? None of it matters in the long run. But at the same time, no one’s advocating murder and rape. Most of all, I hate the people who try to ‘save’ us poor, religionless souls, shoving bible verses and prayers down our throats. Do they not know that by the age of 17, no one is ‘pure’ enough to get into heaven, or wherever it is people go? I’ve lied, stolen, cheated, cursed, took the lord name in vain, and oh my lord, I love those gay people, too! And let’s not forget that whenever I see that kid at school with only one arm, I always kinda want to touch the stumpy bit, just to see what it feels like. Oh, and I’m lazy as hell. I was supposed to clean the living room today. Did I? Hells no. I sat on my bed, ate yogurt covered pretzels, and watched movies. You? The same? Well then, see you in hell. Sorry about the slightly offensive nature of this post, but I hate it when people review movies, which ARE FAKE!, and talk trash about the actors, like the roles they play reflect their views/orientations. Oh, and if one more frickin Christian says that MY Heath is now burning in hell for playing a gay/bi/whatever cowboy, I will… I will lick a bible. yeah. That’s right, lick. So you all watch yourselves now.

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