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Little Amber Was A Geek

P Harry Potter

They were worse then this!!!

So, whilst moving, I came across a diary from when I was ten. It was my Harry Potter Diary. Yes, Harry Potter Diary. I wrote how I felt about every character in the book. And it was creepily detailed. Also creepy? Even back then I had a mega crush on Sev. And really, who doesn’t? Sigh… Anyhoo, as I twas saying. I found out just how obsessed I am with this series. I had character analysises, my interpretation of the castle’s layout… I seem to have at one point tried to draw everything, too, but even then I knew I was a terrible artist! So very sad…

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter and The Deadly Harolds Part II on DVD 11/11/11

I have realised that I am going nowhere. You literally cannot get a job without having previous experience. The only experience that they’ll except? Previous jobs, which on cannot get without first having previous jobs. Like, what. The. Hell? How is that even possible, unless you’re a crazy person with a different personality that has had a job before??? It’s really not fair to anyone. Especially stir crazy girls who have been stuck babysitting, WITHOUT PAY, for months.

On the other hand, I totally forgot how totally insane you all are. Love it.

Oh! I forgot to tell you about my badass tooth scar! So my dog was being a major whore, and bit me because i took my shoe away from him, and it’s totally going to scar, and I’ll be able to say, ‘Yeah, cut myself on some bitch’s tooth’, and I’ll sound really badass, because they’ll never know that the bitch is my chihuahua!!!

My littlest sister told me last week that Harry Potter and the Deadly Harolds was coming out on dvd. I love her.

I also love how the second I mention Harry Potter in a post, all the recommended tags relate to Harry Potter, and only Harry Potter!



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I Think It’s Time.

Time for this year’s Eye Candy competition. If you’re new to mine or Willow’s  blog, here’s a rundown. Me and Willow post pictures of beautiful, half nekked men daily for about a week. You guys comment, and we both think we won. The only ‘rule’, I guess, is no copying. Once a man is posted, he can’t come back until next year. Well, I made that last bit up, but still.

Darren Criss- Yeah, so his hair is shorter now, and he’s… shaved. I personally think he looks younger with the hair and the scruffiness, but that’s just me. He’s friggin’ nice, though, if you know what I mean. I know I’ve been more careful with the phrase ‘jump his bones’, now that i know what it actually means, but it applies 100% for him!

Robert Downey Jr.- Look at him! Even being a total tard, and winking, for god’s sake, he’s gorgeous!!

Johnny Depp- Did you really think I wouldn’t put him on here? I spent like, half an hour looking for the perfect picture of him, and got distracted!

Severus Snape- *Sigh* He can sneer at me ALL day…

Robert Pattinson- You see what happens when you make a good movie, Robert? See? You make my list. And, please note, the only attractive picture of him I could find was from Harry Potter. My god, but he doesn’t photograph well…

That’s all for now, folks. You get more pictures when Willow posts his list!


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