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Why Hallmark Sucks, And Other Tales of A Black Thursday/Friday Survivor.

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Angers me.


What Black Friday Boils Down To:

  • My feet hurt. A lot.
  • I am currently running on 4 hours of sleep since Wednesday.
  • Keyboards suck. Majorly.
  • So freaking happy, because I got Paula Deen cookware, and a set of knives, and some Tupperware!
  • Tired of my sister blowing up at every little thing anyone says to her that isn’t a flat out complement.
  • Decorating the house tomorrow!!! We got a 7 foot nonlit tree at Target for $50!!!
  • Listening to Christmas music 24/7.
  • Boycotting Hallmark this year. How hard is it to double check your Harry Potter ornament sketches and models before you mass-produce them???

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